Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Creativity

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Creativity

I like to keep trying and doing. I can't help it. I change what I am curious about, and what I want to try, and then I come back to the familiar with a new spin or new technique. My favorite part of being a meandering maker is building a skill set to create new projects. 

We are all in uncharted territory right now. But we all need a variation of the same thing. We have to keep trying and doing and pushing ourselves to do it over again- maybe in a different way.

This little banner says blessed one side. I made it in August when I was ready for fall and feeling like hot cider and pumpkins.

Little did I know that we would change up Meandering Maker and move into a fun bigger space, little did I know that we would find Olivia a rodeo horse named "Corona," Little did I know that we would shut our doors and worry about each other in new ways.

But just like this banner - we are still blessed - this is the other side of it all.

I am on a dark navy kick - and always a sucker for a project I can scuff and create an old look old for the instant character. I also might like it because a little age hides the not so perfect parts.

Today, this little nod to the good old USA means a look to the future, when maybe things can be fun again, and we can hug and gather with joy again and not fear.

I haven't said much about it, but I have started playing with Sweet Pickens Milk Paint and have some in the store. But I like the wax that they sell that you can put over the top of projects.  Some of you have used it in the studio; in this case, it gave these thin flags some substance and depth. I was afraid they would turn out too dark - but I don't think so - it gave me the Betsy Ross look I wanted.  

 I used black wax over the red & white stripes to add some depth, and the "just painted" look went away.

 Funny how seven little pieces and some sandpaper can make things right with the world, but it did for me today.

If you want to create your nod to America - or a banner for any decorative use or purpose - come on! Our banner pieces are just $2 per flag and are available to pick-up or by appointment! 

Pre-order your banner tags here: 

Just schedule a time to drop by the studio or arrange for porch pick-up or delivery. We appreciate you! Stay safe- stay creative.

Creat Beautiful moments, 




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