Our Story

About Us!

Hi! It’s me, Jodi, creator of Meandering Maker. I started out as a consigner at a local home decor store in Central Oregon. After teaching a furniture refinishing class to a group of high school students, I realized how much I loved working with people on projects.


Meandering Maker started out as a mobile craft entertainment pop up, but has expanded into a mobile and brick and mortar studio. Our studio is located in La Pine, Oregon and allows customers to craft and socialize with a glass of wine solo or with a group. We love this expansion because it allows us to serve our community in a different way and more often.

I graduated from Oregon State University with a Tourism and Outdoor Leadership degree. I believe that it takes just as many guts to sleep in the snow under a tarp as it does to try things for the first time. Although I can tie a knot to hang a tent shelter, I might need you to let me know when the snowman’s scarf looks just right! For me, it’s about facilitation and bringing people together. With that light bulb moment, Meandering Maker became a thing. I love teaching and facilitating. Through Meandering Maker I could blend my “how” with “community” and create a creative tribe that could have fun over a glass of wine with friends.


Creativity, community, and relationship is the backbone of Meandering Maker. With these important elements, we can make anything!  

Meandering Maker would pretty much be a mess without my awesome sidekick and husband, Jeff Kerr. Jeff keeps the lines straight and tries to keep me focused. For a chemical engineer, he is a pretty fun guy. Please don’t make fun of his “crafting” I have him convinced it’s just another engineering project! If we party while the Beav’s are on T.V – please let him check in on the score.


Meandering Maker is about not being afraid to fail. The prototypes are never perfect, the oops pile up on the basement floor is high. But when you can bring a fun project out to the public and have fun with a group of people who want to bring something special into their home or as a gift, that is when failing turns into heartwarming success.


Let’s make something special.

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