Magnolia Trend Report (AKA Epic Girls Weekend )

Magnolia Trend Report (AKA Epic Girls Weekend )



I broke out! I had the honor of being asked to join a girls trip to Waco with a few of the kindest, talented and successful business women I know. I was just as excited to hang out with the girls as I was to see Magnolia for the first time!

Despite masks and COVID-19 restrictions It was amazing!

I fell in love with texture, simplicity and adventure! My goal this year is to curate that simple style that honors what you have done with your space and compliments you! 

For each of us...that looks different. The fun for me is having basic supplies to facilitates your vision! 

The slightest variations of color can awaken the senses and give our eyes a delight without the "overwhelm".


I am pleased to show you our new Farmhouse neutral craft project colors that will help you bring that warm up to date look to your home.  

The Farmhouse Neutral Line-up





I love a good serape - but had not figured out the mix! Thank's to Nanda at Vick Crafts we now have a fun serape pattern to play with! 


Finishing touches matter! I always say - start your project with your end-result in mind. Do not be like me and sometimes just dive in! You know I always give you my list of project "regret'.

Our new water-based stain line-up is beautiful! We have added more neutral options and a few fun color pops! Can't wait to see what you do!


I am excited to see what this year brings! If you head to Waco check out Shorty's Pizza Shack! It was tasty and fun!

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