Modern Glam The Old School Way

Modern Glam The Old School Way

It's winter. Here in our little crafty store in LaPine, Oregon we have snow, cold weather and everyone is pretty much squirreled away for winter waiting for fishing season.

  That gives me some time to create in our small boutique of curated goods. I found this cute metal school desk at Goodwill! I loved the patina and wanted to find a way to keep the original color, yet give it a upgraded look!

 The lightbulb moment came when I realized that the Corrugted Metal paper from Roycycled Treausures would be the perfect blend of that sea green and the natural rust that was already going on with the piece.

 The first step was of course to clean and scuff sand the laminate top. I painted the top wtih Deb'is DIY Bead Board. If you want your decopauge  paper to stand out, always use a lighter color underneath and allow that to dry.


  Once my paint was dry, I used a topcoat to lay the paper down and then I used leftover bubblewrap to smooth out. I left the piece sit overnight, so the topcoat could completly dry and be ready to detail and seal.

 Of course I opened MM Home Co, creative boutiqe and played with the details while waiting for customers.

  I deided to put a little unexpected glitter down with the topcoat. Honestly I used  Dollar Tree gillter that came in this awsome rust color! I just had fun blending it in with the topcoat in places where the paper had rust accents. I loved the industrial glam look that the fun glitz gave the piece!

I had a lttle stool  the right height that I was saving for a fun project. I  painted it a complementary color Apothecary. I decopauged the paper over the seat and it was an unexpected way to pull the set together. If not using it as a place to sit, it would make a great little plant stand! (Have you seen  our new plant section? It’s growing) 


Of course we already had some fun accesories to bring the little table and matching stool to life!

What would you do with this project?

I encourage you to stop into our little creative space in LaPine, Oregon. You never know what you will find - or what will inspire you!

We love crafting community with you! 

Wanna learn more? We would love to schedule a class to help you make yoir creative dreams come true!

 We travel to Sunriver, Bend, Redmond, Sisters and of course LaPine to create with you!

 Or visit oir Curated Creative Boutique in LaPine. You will find vintage treasuresj, creative supplies and a few surprises to make your home unique- just like you!

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