Plan a Clay Day!

Plan a Clay Day!

Take an afternoon and get inspired!

Have a little spot on your patio that could use the "perfect" little piece of flair? Have a neighbor that just might need a little pick-me-up?

Meandering Maker has the perfect little project to get your hands a little dirty, your mind working the color wheel and your green thumb getting a bit of a workout.

We love the simplicity of the clay pot and paper clay. In the house, we have several IOD clay molds that lend themselves to inside cute accents and patio pretties. Although they can be used for jewelry, pots, furniture, and many more ideas....we think embellishing pots is a fun introduction to the magic!

Grab a friend, and let's spend a couple of hours creating something that can be useful year-round! 

One of my favorite things about working with clay and molds is it's tactile, but you don't have to just get it perfect the first time. If you don't love your result - no biggie! Just rework the clay and try it again.

 Your process is forming the molds in the clay, a little bit of dry time, and then playing with paint and waxes to bring you to project to your idea of perfection! 

Plan a clay day! Just $15 per port! Grab a drink and a snack and let's create a fun afternoon!

Studio open Wed-Sun 10-5  or by appointment! 


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