The Flippin' Flea

The Flippin' Flea

If you are like me, you have had time to do a bit of freshening' up at home, you have things you want to see go, and you have ideas of what you want next!

Well for about two years I have had this vision of bringing people and stuff together at my studio to dream, re-create, and inspire together. 

It's Sunday from 1-4 on May 17th! It won't be perfect. But it's on the calendar and it is gonna happen. 

If you have a curated pile of things that you would like to see put to good use, reach out! Please bring your own tables and chair. We will set up at 12:30 and see what happens! 

It's flippin' free and should be fun! Dressers, tables, etc! Please no household goods or clothing. Just furniture and fun things that can be put to creative use.

Thanks guys! Let's have a flippin' fun day! 


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